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A Dreamer by SeaFairy A Dreamer by SeaFairy
D r e a m e r :blackrose:

Part of the new upcoming design for
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this is interesting... absolutely I like it!
WOW! How talented can one person be?!
This is
Beautiful i say!
winter-doll Dec 16, 2003
this peice is beautiful in its simplicity, AND it can be linked to my most recent journal entry....:P :fav:
Katerina423 Dec 14, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
simply beautiful... i absolutely love it =) .. hehe i can't exactly explain why but i love it... for some reason it makes me think how easy it is to shatter the dreams of a dreamer... hehe.. asbolutely wonderful! i love it! =D
very beautiful....
you captured the fragile atmosphere of dreaming very well...
lovely... very beautiful
I'm in love with another one of your works. The tone is just perfect and I love the ice/glass you put in there... Keep it up. :-)
wow i really liked this the whole color scheme was awsome it is really great
what's your medium?
purga Nov 10, 2003   Photographer
Amazed ...
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